Building the future of space

Bruno Le Maire
Minister of the Economy,Finance and the Recovery. line

« For France and Europe to stay ahead in the innovation stakes and create jobs and prosperity for everyone, we must invest massively in innovation. »

Our budget: €2.335 billion

With efficiency and performance as our watchwords, we are investing in exciting scientific projects, forging strong partnerships and working to sustain French industry. Our budget, voted by parliament and signed off by our auditors, is under control.


Space Economy


Taking the pulse of industry Manufacturers, research laboratories and authorities are all represented within the Space Economy Observatory. Its members share a weekly status report with our overseeing ministries to tailor solutions to the difficulties French businesses are encountering. This initiative is vital to review and respond to the COVID-19 health crisis and offer a long-term perspective.


Ariane 6

Engaging a deep transformation

The new generation of space launchers is on its way. Cheaper, more modular and more capable, Ariane 6 is soon set to make its debut in French Guiana. Our teams are gearing up to ready the new ELA-4 launch complex for final tests and extend our 40-year record of success.


tomorrow’s launchers

The small-scale FROG test vehicle is already flying. With the Prometheus engine in 2021, Callisto and the Themis test stage we are developing increasingly complex demonstrators to build new, flexible, powerful and reusable launch vehicles.


Our climate


Working alongside the 27 signatory agencies of the Space Climate Observatory (SCO), CNES is identifying new space-based tools to help governments observe and mitigate climate change.

Harnessing the power of

big data

Space technologies are generating huge volumes of data every day and our satellites are nurturing new applications. Our Connect by CNES platform is opening its doors to innovative firms, fostering technology spin-off and federating a community.

CNES digest 2021